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Mountain Man Gallery is proud to
feature local Colorado artists..
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  Rita Derjue ...Como
  David Gardner ...Denver/Park County
  Tracy Haines ...Littleton
  Liz McKay ...Indian Mountain
  Jim Redhawk ...Canon City
  Amy Spring ...Colorado Springs
  Tom Van Dusen ...South Park

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  Eric Berglund ...Indian Mountain
  Jan Berglund ...Indian Mountain
  Marian Mathis ...Bailey
  Gayleen Williams ...Fairplay
  Jane Wunder ...Elkhorn

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Wall to Wall Art

Wall to Wall Art
featuring Eric Berglund...

David Gardner and Gayleen Williams
Many More Pieces in our Gallery !

Gallery Hours
7 am to 6 pm Monday thru Saturday
Sunday 9 am to 4 pm

Versatile Talent from Jane Wunder
Jane Wunder, currently living in Indian Mountain in South Park, brings not only a variety of subjects, but creates them in a variety of pastels, gouache watercolor, and pencil. Other charming pieces from Jane are available at the Gallery. (Mouseover to enlarge)
Jane Wunder 'Wall Pitcher and Mountain'
Sample of Jane Wunder's Wall of Art
Something for Everyone

Jane Wunder 'Jefferson Lake'
Jefferson Lake
by Jane Wunder

Jane Wunder
by Jane Wunder

Brilliant Creations from
Award-Winning Artist and Teacher, Jan Berglund
Jan Berglund studied at the American Academy of Art in Chicago. When Jan is not painting, she can be found teaching in the beautiful Rocky Mountains, where she now lives, or back in the midwest.
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Jan Berglund 'Winter Freeze' Winter Freeze ~ pastel 12X16
by Jan Berglund
Jan Berglund 'Autumn Moon' Autumn Moon ~ pastel 20x24
by Jan Berglund
Jan Berglund 'Wilderness Man' Wilderness Man ~ pastel 20x24
by Jan Berglund
Jan Berglund 'Lost Creek Waterfall' Lost Creek Waterfall ~ oil 24x36
by Jan Berglund
"In each piece, I strive to communicate to the viewer the intense feeling of beauty, grandeur, and serenity that overwhelms me."
Jan Berglund

Jan Berglund 'Sunset Rider' Sunset Rider ~ pastel 16X20
by Jan Berglund
Jan Berglund 'Antique Java' Antique Java ~ pastel 16x20
by Jan Berglund
Jan Berglund 'Aspen Family' Aspen Family ~ oil 9x12
by Jan Berglund
Jan Berglund 'Coffee Time' Coffee Time ~ pastel 16x20
by Jan Berglund

Roy Kerswill
Breaking a Wild One
Certified Limited Edition Print
by Roy Kerswill
Painted for 1985 Cheyenne Frontier Days

Computer Mat Cutter
Custom Framing Available
Ram will create a custom mat and frame combination for your art using the latest in computer-aided matting equipment and his keen eye for color accents.
Contact the Gallery for pricing.

History Breathes in Eric Berglund's Art
For Eric, being an artist is not something that you do, but something that you are. His western paintings will take you back in time to a simpler and more rugged time.
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Eric Berglund 'End of a Long Day' End of a Long Day
by Eric Berglund
"I love living in the beautiful mountains of South Park; I am surrounded by everything you can ask for by an artist - beauty, history, wilderness, and an endless source of inspiration for my paintings."
Eric Berglund

Eric Berglund 'Local Cowboy'
Local Cowboy
by Eric Berglund
Eric Berglund 'Red Fox'
Red Fox
by Eric Berglund

Eric Berrglund 'Award Winning Como Roundhouse'
Award Winning Como Roundhouse
by Eric Berglund
Won Best of Day in
South Park Plein Aire Celebration

Eric Berrglund 'gray fox'
Gray Fox
by Eric Berglund

Mountains and Mammals from Marian Mathis

Marian Mathis
Mountain Road
by Marian Mathis

Choose your art - Marian Mathis, of Bailey, will also paint commissioned pieces for you. Contact the Gallery for more information.

Marian Mathis
Follow the Leader
by Marian Mathis

Marian Mathis
Answering the Challenge
by Marian Mathis

Marian Mathis is a familiar favorite in Como. Contact the Gallery for more of her visions of nature...

Marian Mathis
Dusting of Snow
by Marian Mathis

Marian Mathis
High Command
by Marian Mathis
Marian Mathis
Mountain Sheep
by Marian Mathis

Our art inventory is constantly changing. Please contact us for additional pieces or to check on availability of items shown on this site.
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